An interview with Arrow’s Shado Celina Jade

BamBam in chinatownComic Book Resources spoke to Arrow’s Celina Jade about her role and she had some awesome remarks about staging the fight scenes for the screen and the awesomeness of James Bamford. I think he’s pretty amazing too.


As you’ve been filming, have you been working with the stunt coordinators to bring your style of martial arts to the character a little bit?

They actually have an incredible team that does the choreography for “Arrow,” but before we shoot, we do rehearsals to figure out what looks good and what my strengths in martial arts are. We figure what kicks will look stronger or go higher. Every time we have a rehearsal, [fight choreographer] James Bamford is totally amazing about bringing out what’s best on screen. It’s a really cool, organic process in terms of staging the fights.

—- Celina Jade

Source: Comic Book Resources

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