Ek Tha Tiger stunt team wins!

Great news from the Times of India Film Awards in Vancouver, James just tweeted:

And…..Ek Tha Tiger Stunt Team wins for best action in a feature film!!! pic.twitter.com/SzHDqZKLQI

Source: @JamesBamford

ek tha tiger

In 2012 James spent 6 weeks in Havana, Cuba as Stunt Co-ordinator for the Cuban action scenes he choreographed for that part of the film. James tweeted that only 10 days of this was filming, the rest was rehearsals and preparation. Those scenes were hands-down the best scenes of the film. If you haven’t seen the film yet, it’s available on iTunes and Amazon. Two of the Making of featurettes – Taking Action to the Next Level and Shooting in Havana are on Youtube.

Congratulations to the entire stunt team!  Well done BamBam!

Here’s a few screenshots from the featurettes:

BamBam describing a scene
BamBam describing a scene to Salman and Katrina
BamBam and Salman Khan
BamBam in charge of the rigging as Salman Khan rushes through
BamBam and Katrina Kaif
BamBam discusses the scene with Katrina Kaif
BamBam and Katrina Kaif
BamBam and Katrina Kaif
BamBam and Conrad Palmisano
BamBam and Conrad Palmisano
BamBam in between takes
BamBam in between takes

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