J. August Richards talks epic fight choreography on Arrow

james bamfordIn a recent interview with former Angel star J. August Richards about his role as Mr Blank (awesome name) on Arrow he was particularly animated about the fight scenes and the choreography.

Q: In the preview of the episode, there’s a few scenes of Arrow tussling with Mr. Blank. How was that? How can you describe those scenes? Were they fun to play?

A: J August Richards: Man, it was fantastic. The stunt crew at the show is just absolutely amazing. They’ve been working on the fight for a few days. The way that it was choreographed and shot is just quite epic. It’s gonna be a battle royale that I think people will be talking about for a while. This character was absolutely delicious for me. Every aspect of playing him was wonderful. Even doing the fight scene was not like doing a regular fight scene. It was a fight scene through the eyes of Mr. Blank. Through the eyes of someone who is constantly trying to remain anonymous. It was so much fun.

Source: J. August Richards interview (Facebook)

J. August Richards as Mr Blank. Photo Credit Jack Rowand/ The CW
J. August Richards as Mr Blank. Photo Credit Jack Rowand/ The CW

There was a lot of chatter on Twitter about the fight scenes on Home Invasion, particularly a lot of love for the fight on the stairs.

“LOVE the fight scene between @amellywood and @jaugustrichards in tonight’s #Arrow! #4justice cc @JamesBamford”
— @LaurenTVEA

“@JamesBamford @amellywood Awesome fight scenes in tonight’s #Arrow, especially on the staircase! Wow!!”
— @meghan1366

Best fight scene ever! 😵 #Arrow @JamesBamford #ArrowStuntTeam
— @LesRS

@JamesBamford whoever choreographed the fight scene on and around the stairs is a genius! #Arrow
— @KGuest22

“@meghan1366 @JamesBamford @amellywood That was an awesome fight scene on the staircase.”
— @Sage761

“@LaurenTVEA @amellywood @jaugustrichards @JamesBamford It was one of my favorite fight scenes of the season. Pure Oliver. Bad ass! #Arrow”
— @KGuest22

“must also throw in a shout out to cousin @JamesBamford for last night’s fight scenes on #arrow. That staircase fight was great cuz!”
— @ErikSolbakken

Fantastic job James and the stunt team & also the actors in pulling off an epic fight.

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