You don’t ever hit the actors……EVER! EVER! BamBam talks Stargate

This is one of my favourite Stargate stories. I’ve heard it several times from several people – the day Jason Momoa knocked out a stunt guy.

an important lesson in... distance
BamBam explains the importance of distance in stuntwork

In a convention appearance in 2009, James explained that in rehearsals for the episode Michael of Stargate Atlantis, this particular stunt guy’s elbow was coming mighty close to his (BamBam’s) face. He kept reminding the stunt guy to keep his distance knowing that actor Jason Momoa would be replacing James and as James says:

“You don’t ever hit the actors…. EVER! EVER!”

Well I don’t want to spoil James’ story… so click the link Bambam talks about Jason Momoa at Wolf Pegasus 4, hit play and hear how it all went down. The story also features in one of the “Behind-the-Scenes featurettes on the Season 2 DVD.

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