BAMBAM’s on Vine! Hell yeah!

If you’re like me, you’ve been patiently waiting for our favourite stuntman James Bamford to succumb to social media’s latest darling, Vine. Looks like he’s been super stealthy and has had an account for 21 days.. impressive. Today was a perfect day to share, cigar in hand, his first Vine video on Twitter – Canada Day! Here it is (note if there’s no sound, click on the speaker icon):

Vine is a mobile app produced by Twitter to shoot and post six second videos to social media sites. A great quote from the Tint Blog:

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million. The nature of Vine, with its short six second videos constructed from even shorter clips cobbled together, allows other users a long glimpse (perhaps a nonsensical phrase) into the life of the user who chooses to share.”

Source: Tint Blog – 4 Tips on Why and How to Use Vine

James’ Vine account is BAMBAMfight & he’s posted 14 videos so far. Here’s hoping BamBam shares lots more videos, maybe even some clips of Arrow bootcamp or behind-the-scenes on the set of Arrow….. and lots more playing with his beautiful dog, Luna.

So start retweeting & favouriting BamBam’s Vine videos to let him know we love it and want more. Oh and Follow him on Vine – BAMBAMfight! (Note: he doesn’t post every video to Twitter so get on Vine to watch them all)

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