Are The Emmys irrelevant? Emmy snub for Arrow stunts

There were many surprise omissions from the Emmy nominations last week but for me there was no bigger shock than the lack of Emmy nominations for Stunt Co-ordination for Arrow.

Have The Emmys become irrelevant, caught up in politics and bias? Would Stunt Co-ordination in Arrow have received recognition if it were an HBO cop show filmed in Los Angeles or New York? Probably. It seems a shame that the best stunts on television are not recognised purely because it is a fantasy series shot in Vancouver and aired on The CW. But that seems to be the case. It’s about time The Emmy’s got their heads out of their asses and recognised true talent.

arrow stunt team

The fight sequences are original and masterfully choroegraphed by Fight Co-ordinator James Bamford. Parkour and a variety of martial arts styles have been introduced, and are woven into the scene. Additionally, viewers have seen high falls, incredible car chases, burns, and an amazing leap between buildings by Arrow star Stephen Amell. It’s truly “movie quality” stunts on a TV budget & schedule. Bravo to the Arrow stunt team – Stunt Co-ordinator J.J. Makaro, Fight Co-ordinator James Bamford, Assistant Stunt Co-ordinator Jon Kralt, Simon Burnett, Atlin Mitchell and Arrow himself Stephen Amell. It’s a team effort and everyone’s contribution is appreciated.

Sit back and watch James Bamford’s top 20 action moments on Arrow:

Top 20 Action Moments Countdown Pt 1
Top 20 Action Moments Countdown Pt 2
Top 20 Action Moments Countdown Pt 3

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