If you hear hoofbeats, maybe it’s not a zebra

bam in parisLast night I posted my theory on James’ funny Vine vids of he and his friends repeating his nickname Bam over and over. Well James reminded me of the old saying that if you hear hoofbeats, think horses not zebras. Apparently he was just having fun, no hidden meaning at all. Lesson learned.

James gets asked about his nickname continually. With the surname Bamford it’s not a stretch to see how he ended up being called BamBam. As a stuntman working in film and TV it was also appropriate and helped people remember him. So whether it’s Bam, BamBam or James he’s still the most entertaining person in the entertainment industry. Check it out!

1st Video: http://vinebox.co/u/wyr5iJdRGZO/wajemAfvqca

2nd video: http://vinebox.co/u/wyr5iJdRGZO/wajdTTgEn6l

3rd video: http://vinebox.co/u/wyr5iJdRGZO/wajfNhO0Ljn

I’ll keep the poll running ‘cos I’m curious. what should this fan site be called. Please vote or tweet @imwebgurl any other suggestions.



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