Will BamBam stunt co-ordinate WoW? That is the question!

james bamfordBig news just in is that Legendary Pictures has set up production offices in Vancouver to film the new World of Warcraft movie in January 2014. I wonder if our favourite stuntman will be working on it, perhaps even stunt co-ordinating it.

World of Warcraft was one of his all-time favourite games. Could he fit it in with the baby on the way? I think it would be a spectacular opportunity and I hope he can. Legendary Pictures would be very fortunate to secure him to stunt co-ordinate WoW.

It wouldn’t be James’ first gig stunt co-ordinating a film based on a game. In 2012 he co-ordinated the very successful Halo 4 webseries, while in 2010 in co-ordinated the sequel to In the Name of the King, inspired by the Dungeon Siege game.

Hopefully more details will be revealed soon.

From Geek.com:

“Though this is popularly referred to as a “World of Warcraft movie,” in reality it’s a more general cinematic adaptation of the Warcraft universe, and as yet there are no details about what part of the fiction it might cover. A teaser trailer at San Diego Comic Con showed a human facing off against an orc in a mixture of live action and CG.”
Source: Geek.com

No casting announcements yet, only rumours of Johnny Depp, but it is to be directed by Duncan Jones and written by Charles Leavitt.

UPDATE: James just told me that Arrow is not on hiatus during the filming of World of Warcraft so I guess he’s not working on it.

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