Questions I wish I could ask James

There’s a month to go before the premiere of the second season of Arrow in the US and there’s a bunch of questions I’d love to ask James. He’s very busy but on the off chance that he might find a spare moment and answer a few here goes:

1. The stunts on Season 1 of Arrow were spectacular and had fans and TV critics talking. Did the fight sequences turn out as you expected when you choreographed them?

2. Do you often have to make changes to fights on the day of shooting?

3. While shooting fight sequences do you take over as director for that scene or is it still the director of the episode?

4. Do you have a favourite character or actor to choreograph for?

5. You’ve already filmed 5 episodes. Without giving away too many spoilers what stunts are you most excited to have everyone see? Do you watch the dailies?


James Bamford and Michael Jai White. Source: Instagram/james2bambamford

6. I was reading that Michael Jai White has a black belt in 7 Martial Arts disciplines. He worked on Mortal Kombat:Legacy, as you did as well. Were you responsible for getting him onto Arrow or did he audition for the role as Bronze Tiger?

7. I also read an interview with Manu Bennett where he said during his Arrow audition he left a guy unconscious during a choke scene. Were you at the audition? Is the guy OK?

8. What research do you do into the actors you’ll be working with? What do you expect from them?

9. We’ve seen rehearsal videos of Stephen doing Parkour. He is an amazing athlete. Now you’ve seen what he can do, are you increasing the complexity of the Parkour scenes?

10. The stunt team have taken on the extra responsibility of stunts for The Tomorrow People. How’s that been going?

11. How do you manage to fit it all in?

12. Could you please share with us a few details about the Stunt Team you and JJ have assembled for Amell Wednesdays, their skills?

13. Will you be filming during the premiere on October 9?

14. Before the premiere we have the Season 1 DVD release on September 17. I know I, for one , will be watching the stunt featurette first. Have you managed to watch it yourself? Is it focused on one episode or does it cover the entire season’s worth of stunts?

15. You’ve shared some special personal news recently that you and your wife, Layla, are expecting a child. Stephen and his wife Cassandra are also expecting a baby. Is it great to share this experience with him? Has it brought you even closer? I’m picturing a lot of play dates with the two Arrow babies.

16. Finally where do you see yourself in 10 years? Do you plan that far ahead?

Best wishes to James and the entire Arrow cast and crew for October 9 premiere and the DVD release. Your fans appreciate your hard work and talent.

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