4 Arrow stunt noms at the UBCP/ACTRA awards… woohoo! congrats!

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Congratulations to the Arrow stunt team who were nominated at the UBCP/ACTRA awards. UBCP is the Union of British Columbia Performers. The nominations were:

Best Stunt:

  • Simon Burnett – Arrow – The Undertaking
  • Simon Burnett – Arrow – Salvation
  • Colby Chartrand – True Justice – Dead Drop 2
  • Cassandra Ebner – Arrow – Unfinished Business
  • Jon Kralt – Arrow – The Odyssey
  • Gerald Paetz – True Justice – The Conversation

In addition congratulations also to Emily Bett Rickards for her nomination as Best Newcomer on Arrow.

Now I don’t like to play favourites … awww who am I kidding…. I’ve just seen The Undertaking and Salvation in the last couple of weeks so Simon’s my favourite to take out the award.

Congratulations to James Bamford and JJ Makaro for designing such amazing stunts and putting together a team that week in week out, pulls out the seemingly impossible. Arrow has the best stunts on TV so The Emmys better take note.

The 2013 UBCP/ACTRA Awards will be held 24th November at the Vancouver Playhouse. On behalf of all Arrow fans, best wishes to all… keep on rocking! Watch again the fight scene from The Undertaking.

Thanks VillageGamer.net

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