An interview with Arrow Fight Co-ordinator James Bamford

bambamLast year I helped out a follower who wanted to interview James for his website by suggesting the style and depth of questions with some questions of my own. He liked them so much he used my questions as the basis of the interview. I guess that’s flattering. Anyhoo with less than two weeks before the second season premiere of Arrow, I thought I’d republish my questions used in this interview of James (the rest of the interview is at Thanks arrowtvshow)

Q. Arrow is a physically demanding show. How do the stunt team stay in shape & prevent injuries?
A. Our team attempts to find the time to keep in shape although most of the time is rehearsal or on set.

Q. How do you break down a fight scene from the script. Do you start on paper, in your head or with the actors/stunt people?
A. Script/head/discussions with producers, director/back to head again/choreography-rehearsal with stunt folk-actors/shoot.

Q. You work with actors with fight experience & others with none. How do you approach each rehearsal?
A. I prefer to give actors some basic training/bootcamp if they have never fought before. This benefits even the experienced. Time/schedule is either an advantage, or the enemy. I attempt to prepare the actors as much as possible given the time.

Q. Have your read the Mike Grell Green Arrow and does that effect the style of fights/stunts?
A. Yes, and no. We’ve established a particular look for the show from the pilot, and I continue to design based on that.

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