Throwback Thursday: the first questions I asked BamBam

james suited upI have a natural curiosity and ask a lot of questions, particularly of James. I think it’s a Gemini thing. He’s been kind over the years to answer many of my questions and I thank him for that.

Today I wanted to share the very first questions I asked BamBam on Joe Mallozzi’s blog…. my follow-ups are in italics:

Chevron7 writes:
1. Who would win in an arm wrestling contest, you or Dan Shea?

JB – Would you really like to know? I’m not a wrestler by choice, but…well….that one would have to happen to answer you completely.

Yes I would really like to know. I want front row seats and to take on the victor.

2. How much fun was “the big jump” in Outcast? Was that the biggest jump you’ve done?

JB – That jump was mucho fun of course!! Alas, it’s not the biggest jump I’ve done to date, sorry.

What’s the biggest jump you’ve done? Was that the one where you tore your lat?

3. Were you really a stunt double for David Duchovny on The X-Files? If so, are there any memorable stunts I should watch out for (I’ve got all of the DVDs)?

JB – Yes, I was his double from season 2 until the end of season 5…..He told me to tell you all that he does all his own stunts….but check out the RV drag in “Blood”.

I LOVE Bad Blood.. especially the opening sequence and the RV drag!

4. Are there any massive fight scenes coming up in the rest of Season 5? I’m thinking something along the lines of Mitchell/Marrick in AoT (which was brilliant!), perhaps with a certain Lieutenant-Colonel and an elusive Wraith.

p.s. please come to Australia, we have sharks. LOL!

JB – I love sharks, and Australia….wow!!! Yes there are more great fights to come…..”Prodigal” will give you a few, in fact!!!

You’re awesome!

Read the full Q&A at Joe Mallozzi’s blog.

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