The Canary Fight kicks ass!

I was only wondering yesterday what had become of the stunt video series that was so popular during season one. Well wonder no more, ‘cos it’s back! The first featurette uploaded is The Canary Fight from Arrow Episode 201 City of Heroes. Arrow Stunt Co-ordinator/Fight Choreographer James Bamford said the scene in the show was shot until 4am but they were all wide awake, they knew the importance of this introduction.

Narrated by BamBam, the stunt rehearsal takes us step-by-step through the fight scene and the introduction of The Canary.

Key people in the scene are Atlin Mitchell (Caity double), Fraser Aitcheson (Lead Thug for rehearsal, Shawn Robideux was Lead Thug in the show), Curtis Braconnier (Colton double), Rhys Williams.

The Canary enters with explosive force taking on all three thugs with a series of kicks and introducing her Staff which James explains is made up of two extendable batons. She can make a short staff, long staff or two bludgeoning weapons. Very creative! I love this! Atlin, a former gymnast, is incredible in this fight.

Anyhoo, enough talk…. check out the action and share via social media.

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  1. This episode I think was the best one yet. Not only were the fight scenes exquisite, but the storyline was as creepy as an episode of Dexter. I’m very close to finally converting Jeff to watch. He liked this video, said it was cool. I told him he was missing out on some great TV. He said, “Too late; it’s already into season 2.” I said, “No, it’s not. I can catch you up on the story very quickly.” We’ll convert him yet. Resistance is futile.

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