It’s Christmas! Two stunt videos and a podcast

With the Arrow production on holidays and the next episode of Arrow not due to air until January 15 you’d be forgiven for thinking there would be no Arrow news, but you’d be wrong. This week we’ve been treated to the release of two videos from the popular Stunt Series and the Quiver podcast with special guest Stephen Amell.

The Canary vs The Dollmaker

One thing about James you need to know is that he does a lot of research. He knows many different styles of fighting, he can break down a fight scene and tell you what will happen if a person is hit a certain way. He also knows about the people he works with. So it should come as no surprise that we see The Canary enter this fight scene with a Cirque du Soleil Silk Drop. A very impressive Silk Drop performed by Caity Lotz’s stunt double Atlin Mitchell, who in fact was a member of Cirque du Soleil prior to her stunt career.

The Dollmaker, a sociopath with no martial arts skills, is no match for The Canary, and James explains that he has to resort more devious means to stay in the fight.

Arrow and The Canary vs The Mayor

James explains The Canary is well equipped to take on the five soldiers with her staff, especially demonstrating a double takedown of two soldiers. Arrow joins in the fight too. You might think the fight would be over when The Mayor pulls out a rocket launcher, but well I won’t ruin that surprise if, like me, you haven’t seen the episode. Just watch the stunt rehearsal below to see what happens next. It’s VERY impressive!

Towards the end of the fight The Canary and Arrow swap weapons and we see how comfortable each is with the other’s weapon of choice.

Finally we’re treated to a deleted scene from the rehearsal that didn’t end up on screen.

Quiver Podcast

Stephen recently asked Facebook followers what their favourite podcast was and many told him it was the Quiver podcast. So Stephen reached out and appeared on one of their shows. Stephen discusses an upcoming sex scene, costuming, his exercise regime, easter eggs and the boxing glove arrow. It’s worth checking out this interview.

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  1. Hey Thanks for sharing. It’s fun to hear some news, and reminisce, while the show is on a break.


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