2013 – the first year of BamBam Fans

Cigar Friday avatarThanks to everyone who have supported this site with visits, comments and shares. It started as a way to share news on James’ work as well as my fan art and has grown throughout the year as more people discovered the awesomeness that is BamBam. Particularly thanks to James. While this site isn’t official, he does visit from time to time and correct me on any facts. I hope he likes it.

So since I have some time this morning before gym I thought I’d share a few stats.

2013 views: 2577

Best day: November 7  2013 – 88 views (Posted 10 things you may not know about Arrow infographic)

Visitors came from all around the globe:

United States 811 Canada 604 Australia 343
United Kingdom 210 France 76 Russian Federation 67
Germany 49 Ireland 42 Israel 38
Italy 34 Brazil 26 Spain 25
Netherlands 25 Portugal 24 Finland 22
India 21 Singapore 12 Hungary 11

Referrals: Visitors mostly came via Twitter (810 views) and Facebook (702 views)

Searches: Hundreds of searches led people to BamBam Fans. While many search terms aren’t recorded here’s a snapshot of some of the terms that were. Errr I hope they found what they wanted.. Note: there were a few very strange ones I can’t post.

James Bamford fighting style Who does the Martial Arts stunts on Arrow James Bamford fight choreography
Simon Burnett stunt double Atlin Mitchell stunts How to do the salmon ladder
JJ Makaro leo acceptance Emily Bett Rickards climbing Stephen Amell vimeo
Does James Bamford run the stunts on Arrow Bam Bam tattoo artist James Bamford’s wife
Jon Kralt movies Salmon ladder Amell Greg Berlanti shirtless

bam in parisThe most popular post on the blog was Bam’s baby news! Oh wow with 104 views, followed very closely by You don’t ever hit the actors…. EVER!EVER! BamBam talks Stargate with 101 views.

The top commenters were PBMom and Karrie! Thanks Hilda & Karrie for the support. We have 16 followers for the blog and hope to expand this in 2014.

I’m always thinking of ideas and in 2014 I’ll be starting up a BamBam fans group on Facebook to link to this site. I’ll keep y’all posted. Meanwhile check out some awesome BamBam action from a few years ago – Mortal Kombat Legacy Ep 9 Cyrax vs Sektor:

And with this post we’ve now hit 50 posts! Cheers!

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