Vote for Bam in Vancouver Creatives

James BamfordPopular Vancouver magazine, Vancouver is Awesome, has a regular feature, Vancouver Creatives, a portrait project highlighting the amazingly talented creative people in Vancouver. This month our favourite stuntman James Bamford is nominated. Voting will continue until 31st January 2014. To vote, visit Bam’s profile page on Vancouver Creatives and click the heart symbol next to the image.

VNBPhoto FAIR VOTING RULE: Please note that voting is restricted to 1 vote per day per person (no multiple devices voting allowed). vnbphoto are checking logs of IP addresses and will withdraw the nomination of any nominee with multiple votes.

Don’t forget to share on social media too to spread the word. Thanks to James for tweeting it. That was awesome!!

According to the vnb website:

“All portraits are made using VNB’s Calotype process (using eco-friendly photochemistry) with a massive 1920s 8×10 camera system purposed to deliver authentic and vibrant historical portraits of inspiring Vancouverites.”

Source: VNB

So if you’ve enjoyed James’ fight choreography over the years, please vote for James.

VOTE James Bamford as a Great YVR Talent!

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