If you thought THAT stunt was big, watch Bam drive to the birth!

Exciting news just in from James. While on set for an enormous stunt he got word his wife Layla was in labour. So he’s off to attend the birth. All BamBam fans wish James & Layla a safe delivery. We can’t wait to welcome Baby Bam. Excited doesn’t begin to describe it. Please leave message for James in the comments below or via his Twitter – @JamesBamford

We’ve just completed the biggest shot we’ve ever done and…..yes…..now I’m rushing to attend a birth.

— James Bamford (@JamesBamford) January 16, 2014

He even shared some videos on the way:

And for those curious peeps:

UPDATES: It’s 1:08AM Vancouver Time and James has just been responding to tweets. He earlier reported that the labour was still going….. hope fully she’ll arrive soon… on the 17th January. Hang in there Bam & Layla!

It’s 10:24am Vancouver time and James tweeted that Baby Bam still hasn’t arrived. He will update once she arrives so keep checking his Twitter.

It’s 2:19PM Vancouver time and still no word. Sending positive vibes. Layla is amazing.

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