1000 votes! Fantastic work by the fans

Last night James’ votes were inching so close to the 1000 mark, so I put out the call to Arrow fans and within seconds I saw this! Amazing effort.

1000 votes

James is currently approximately 400 votes ahead of the competition with 6 days remaining. However it’s no time to be slack. If you’ve appreciated:

  • The amazing fights he has designed
  • The stunts he’s performed
  • The photos and videos he’s shared on set
  • The xoxo’s you’ve received for Follow Friday or the birthday wishes or
  • The replies you’ve received even when he was busy

then you’ll keep voting once per day for James Bamford. Let’s make sure he wins this! If James wins he will receive a photoshoot using a 1920s camera and will be featured on ‘Vancouver is Awesome’ Vancouver Creatives.

It is important not to do multiple votes, as that would disqualify James from the competition. Voting will continue until 31st January.

VOTE James Bamford as a Great YVR Talent!

Thanks to everyone who has voted, tweeted or RT’d about the nomination. In particular thanks to James who kindly accepted the nomination and tweeted it out to all his followers.

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