Is this the awesomest photo ever??!!??

Remember way back over 2 months ago when I had this impulsive idea to nominate James Bamford for the Vancouver Creatives portfolio project. It’s been a crazy couple of months. Lots of fans voted (over 1200 votes), setting voting records that VNB Photo had never seen.

The other week James shared a photo of the camera system VNB Photo used. It sounded like it was a positive experience.

Today – the finished product! Isn’t it the awesomest photo ever??!!??

Go check it out! ——> Vancouver Creatives – James Bamford

I love his eyes in this, so much expression and perfect lighting.. amazed at the artistry. Thanks VNB Photo!

#Vancouver Creatives & VNB Photo present James Bamford @JamesBamford, President @STUNTSCANADA! @VIAwesome

— vnb (@VNBPhoto) March 5, 2014

The photo appears on the Vancouver is Awesome website and will appear in an exhibition later in the year.

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