Arrow stunts… would the actors train if they weren’t performing stunts?

I happened upon the following Tumblr post regarding Sara/Caity & Laurel/Katie, stunts and Black Canary.

Since Sara made her impressive entrance in Season 2 of Arrow as Canary there has been much fan speculation & debate which character would ultimately take on the iconic role – Laurel or Sara. The individual actresses stunt capabilities often come into the mix. It’s suggested in this article that the actors don’t perform most of their stunts.

However we’ve seen countless videos & photos of Stephen performing stunts and both Stephen and Caity in training. Would they be required to train if they weren’t performing some of these stunts? Of course they wouldn’t. Yes there are talented stunt doubles to perform some of the amazing action we see on screen, but for Arrow I think it adds to the believability when we can see the actors performing the fight sequences. You believe Stephen is Arrow when you see him do parkour, shoot an arrow or fight. The same will be for Black Canary.

I’ll wait and see what the writers have in store for the characters. In my opinion Katie has the edge in acting, whereas Caity seems more capable to pull off the action. So let’s wait and see.

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