Adventures in Hong Kong

Looks like James is having an absolute blast in Hong Kong. It started with some action as James encountered a fake taxi driver. Fortunately James is James so he’s OK. He’s been sharing a few photos on Instagram so if you’re not already following him, what are you waiting for… go follow james2bambamford.

The lovely Celina Jade (Shado on Arrow) has been giving James a tour of both city and country. Looks awesome. I particularly loved the cat at the market – randomly wonderful and the photos of James in the city – colourful and handsome.

Celina has been working on the film Skin Trade with the awesome Tony Jaa and Mike Dopud. Tony is an incredible Thai martial artist/stuntman/fight choreographer best known for the lead role in Ong Bak. James had an amazing opportunity last night to meet Tony. Ong Bak is a much loved film of his so I’m sure it was an incredible thrill and honour to meet him.

For those that haven’t seen Ong Bak I can highly recommend it – jaw-dropping action. Tony did all of the stunts himself without any CGI.

Here’s a taste of the fight sequences on Ong Bak:

James also met Roy Horan, who is not only Celina Jade’s father but an accomplished actor and martial artist himself, notably from Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow. Check out Roy in action with Jackie Chan in that film, which I’ll have to add to my watch list.

UPDATE: James just posted a photo of he, Tony Jaa and Roy Horan with Darren E. Scott

Keep following James on all social media accounts:

Twitter: @JamesBamford
Instagram: james2bambamford
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After Hong Kong James will be off to Thailand for Muay Thai training.

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