Bruce Lee Museum, Tony Jaa, Muay Thai fights, temples and tigers… check, check, check all

Have you been keeping up-to-date with James’ trip to Hong Kong and Thailand? What an amazing trip. Let’s see what’s happened to James so far….

  • Encountered the old fake taxi driver
  • Toured Hong Kong with Arrow’s Celina Jade (Shado)
  • Met Celina’s dog Moimoi, such a cutie
  • Encountered MarketCat, who’s almost every bit as awesome as HeroCat
  • Met martial arts legends Tony Jaa, Roy Horan and Ken Low
  • Sat in on a fight rehearsal for Tony Jaa’s latest film
  • Visited the Bruce Lee museum
  • Kicked butt at Muay Thai training in the country of it’s origin… maybe occasionally he got his butt kicked too
  • Spotted the creepiest Ronald McDonald on the planet
  • Drank fancy drinks on the beach
  • Watched some kick ass action at the Muay Thai fights… from VIP seats
  • Got cheered on while peeing at said fights… lol
  • Visited every temple on Koh Samui
  • Fell for the old “cute kid with waterfall directions” scam
  • Fed Rocky the random white squirrel
  • Had fishes feed on his feet at a Fish Spa
  • Ate lots of awesome street food
  • Hit the target at the archery field
  • Fed a sea turtle
  • Almost walked down Tiger Alley
  • Had a photo op with Sarah, the prettiest tiger on the planet
  • Got two traditional bamboo tattoos – ouch. One on his back and one on his calf (see the full story in the next blog)

…..yup that’s some trip alright…. Oh yeah it’s not over either. To recover from this training holiday James is jetting off to Italy with his family. Nice huh? Well he’s worked hard, he deserves it. Safe travels James.

If you want to see James’ photos, pop by his Instagram – james2bambamford and follow (it’s a private account).


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