Bam is doubly blessed with two new tattoos

James must have an enormously high pain threshold ‘cos he just got some fresh ink in Thailand – two new tattoos in fact all done with bamboo. Yantra tattooing or Sak Yant is a traditional form of tattooing practiced in Thailand, Cambodia and Laos. The tattoos are believed to bestow protection and good luck and feature scripts in rows or spires.

The first tattoo on his back features the names of James’ two daughters Jade and Tavia written in Thai while the second “5 sacred lines” is on his right calf. James said of the sacred lines:

“this blessing is very popular among Muay Thai fighters to bring them protection, success, good luck…..and a plethora of other hopes and wishes.”

James has posted several photos of the tattooing process, his tattoo artist Mr Tak, his collection of tattoo guns and artwork and the beautiful finished designs on his Instagram – james2bambamford. You have to follow to view.

I think this totals 8 tattoos on James’ body, although I haven’t seen photos of all of them… and I’m sure that’s not the last James will get. Here’s to a successful healing process and a life full of blessings and good luck James. Thanks for sharing the photos.

Now James says goodbye to Thailand….. it’s onto Italy and lots of hugs and kisses for his family.

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