June is Arrow Stunts Appreciation month… upcoming trend attempts

I think we all agree that the Arrow Stunt Team do an incredible job and it’s a crime that they haven’t been recognised by The Emmys with an award for Stunt Co-ordination. Arrow fans are getting together in June to support the Stunt Team with a series of trends… in fact let’s declare June Arrow Stunts Appreciation month.

Voting to select The Emmys nominees is from 9th-20th June. James has said that there has been a submission for Arrow under the name JJ Makaro. JJ supervises the stunts for Arrow and The Tomorrow People. I’m not sure why James isn’t on the submission. Anyhoo the following are the trends planned:

Wed. 4th June – Arrow Stunts deserve an Emmy
Wed. 11th June – JJ Makaro deserves a Stunt Emmy
Wed. 18th June – James Bamford deserves a Stunt Emmy

Emmy trend poster

This poster has been created to advertise the first trend. If you’ve loved the stunts on Arrow, please join in on the days listed. All you need to do is tweet the phrase Arrow Stunts deserve an Emmy on the day at the listed time. You can add a reason, link to a stunt video etc. The local times are listed on the poster above. Check World Clock Converter to view your local time. Feel free to share the poster with your social networks.

Any questions? Please ask @purselover2   @roses_peonies   @Olicity_France   or   @ARROWTV_



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