Saving Bam’s Wikipedia article

I’ve got a few more days off work and have made plans but it looks like I’ll need to spend some time trying to save James’ Wikipedia page. Why? Well I’ve just seen that The James Bamford (Stunt co-ordinator) Wikipedia page was nominated for deletion. I have posted my reasons for keeping it. Hopefully that is accepted and I’m able to update the article with fresh content.

James Bamford (Stunt co-ordinator)

UPDATE: Sadly the James Bamford (stunt co-ordinator) Wikipedia article has been deleted. I plan to give it a bit of time and create a new article following the guidelines as more interviews are published.

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    1. I think the person doesn’t believe he has a big enough fanbase or is a notable figure. I pointed out that he has a large fanbase with over 7000 Twitter followers, a fansite and has worked on several high profile productions and won awards.

      If you do add anything to the Talk part of the page be sure to be constructive & non-flammatory.

      1. I don’t feel qualified to add anything, but I wasn’t sure if additional notes, etc., would help. But sounds like you have it handled.

      2. I’ll get to work on it after the trend thing. If you have any suggestions please let me know in case there’s something I haven’t thought about.

  1. Hey! I started that page! How dare they. LOL. Actually, I’ve come across this kind of thing before. If Wikipedia stuck to the ‘notable figure’ thing there wouldn’t be any pages. I do feel that his page should be a lot more fleshed out though, to deserve being maintained. I’m only sorry that I haven’t devoted enough time over the years to do that. It needs lots of links and references and all that is out there, it just needs doing.
    Hello, by the way! *waves*

    1. Hey there Fifi! I agree it needs more content. I’ve got work to do on the trend attempt for Twitter tomorrow “Arrow Stunts deserve an Emmy”. after that I could add some more content using the interviews as sources. If you have any time, please add some too. Thanks for creating the article, he deserves it ๐Ÿ˜Š… Strange cos Ivon has less of a public profile but his article hasn’t been marked for deletion.

      1. Sorry to hear it got deleted, I finally got some time today to work on it and it’s gone! However, I have spent a couple of hours drafting the new, shiny article, complete with tables and full filmography, so if you want me to send it to you for when you think a decent length of time has passed, let me know!! Or just say when ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. Hi Fifi! yes, very disappointing, they wouldn’t listen to reason. I’m not sure what would be a decent amount of time… Maybe another couple of weeks. The important thing to add would be mentions, interviews in well known news sites. Some of the interviews I link to on this blog they wouldn’t access because they are not recognised news sites. Therefore be sure to add the audio EW interview where James and JJ accepted the award if you haven’t already.

        Once you’re happy it meets the requirements, just add it to Wikipedia and I’ll go check it out. Looking forward to seeing it.

        Thanks!! Maryanne

      3. Done! I hope it’s much better ๐Ÿ™‚ I even found a picture already uploaded by someone, so it’s quite a comprehensive article now.

      4. thanks so much for your efforts. Unfortunately I have checked today and it’s been marked for speedy deletion. I’ll do my best to get them to give us time to improve the article. we’ll have to see.

    1. Excellent! I have also made a suggestion that it could be moved to draft temporarily so that we may further edit the article and add more content.

      I’ll find some references to the recent articles particularly on the Arrow Emmy snub that was reported in some well known Entertainment news sites – his name was mentioned.

      Thanks so much. I agree with all of your comments under the contest deletion.

      I didn’t know whether I could say this so I didn’t but there are quite a few American stunt performers on Wikipedia, some with even less content in their article than Bam’s e.g. Conrad Palmisano.

      1. Woohoo!! That’s fab!! It will probably be safe now *g*
        And will be easy to keep updated by anyone.
        Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

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