Tuesday’s trend rules

20140610-070737.jpgWell the week has gone by quickly. Tomorrow Tuesday 10th June ( Wednesday for me in Australia) Arrow fans are uniting to support the stunt team and let the Emmy voters know that:

Arrow Stunts Deserve An Emmy

To give it the best possible chance there are some rules.

1. Please, be sure to CAPITALIZE EACH FIRST LETTER OF THE WORD IN THE PHRASE so everyone is tweeting the same thing. To avoid confusion I recommend copying/pasting it from this post.

2. Do not tweet with numbers ( or repeat Arrow Stunts Deserve An Emmy more than once in the same tweet or it won’t count.

3. If you want to tweet with numbers you have to tweet them this way ( one, two, three etc.)

4. NO HASHTAGS # !!!!

5. Be original 😊 Give a reason why you love the stunts. Perhaps you love Parkour or the fight scenes. Maybe you have a favourite episode or character.

RT & reply to the best tweets from other fans.

You can schedule tweets with Hootsuite and TweetDeck. Hootsuite allows you to attach images. It helps also to plan what you want to say.

Please spread the word & get as many people as you can via Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter etc

Hope to see everyone! All fans are invited to the trend party.

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