Arrow stunts snubbed again

20140711-002201-1321652.jpgI wrote an article last year that The Emmys had become irrelevant because the TV show with the best stunts wasn’t even nominated. Well, guess what? Same shit, different year.

Arrow Stunt Co-ordinator JJ Makaro was again overlooked for Outstanding Stunt Co-ordination in a Drama Series, miniseries or movie.

The nominations went to:

Game of Thrones – Paul Herbert
Grimm – Matt Taylor
Hawaii Five-O – Jeff Cadiente
Revolution – Jeff Wolfe
The Blacklist – Cort L Hessler III
True Blood – Hiro Koda

Congratulations to all nominees.

I’m not sure what stops Emmy voters from voting for Arrow – that it’s a genre show, that it is filmed in Canada, or that it is on The CW. I suspect the last two as Game of Thrones, Grimm and True Blood are genre shows.

For now I stand by my previous article that Emmy voting is a joke and the awards are irrelevant. I know I won’t be watching The Emmys.

What’s more important is that the stunt work and the team are recognised by the people who tune in every week. judging by the tweets of support they most certainly are. James, JJ and the Arrow stunt team do an incredible job bringing cinematic scale stunts to TV, on a TV budget and timeframe. Arrow fans appreciate the talent and hard work and look forward to what’s coming up in Season 3.

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