Toughest day on Arrow [PHOTOS]

At 4:30am this morning Bam tweeted he was up early for a special day. Over the day a few photos were shared by Stephen from Grouse Mountain and I can already tell that when the episode airs the hype won’t be misplaced. Four words…. Stephen Amell sword-fighting shirtless!

Stephen had eluded to the big upcoming fight sequence in an interview with a group of journalists:

“On Monday, we are shooting the biggest fight we’ve ever done on Arrow in an incredibly practical way. I’m shooting 100% of it. I have no double. So that’s crazy and that’s us.”


Check out the photos on Instagram:

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Happy Monday.

A post shared by Stephen Amell (@stephenamell) on

Stephen Amell atop Grouse Mountain

Stephen, Bam and Tim Connolly

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Yup….it's cold

A post shared by James Bamford (@james2bambamford) on

Tim Connolly, Simon Burnett, James Bamford & Eli Zagoudakis

James Bamford and Tim Connolly

It couldn’t have been easy for the cast and crew. Grouse Mountain endured temperatures between 10-14C, wind chill factor would have been colder, and did I mention Stephen was shirtless? I hope there was Hot Chocolate and blankets.

Arrow fans certainly appreciate the dedication to bringing the best action to television.

Want to see more photos from set? Follow james2bambamford on Instagram. Oh and check out Tim Connolly’s IMDB, it’s impressive!

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