Go Team Arrow at the UBCP/Actra Awards

arrow nominees for best stunt
Arrow nominees for Best Stunt UBCP/ACTRA 2014

Arrow and Stunts Canada will be well represented tonight at the UBCP/ACTRA Awards, which recognises the talent in the British Columbia Film and Television industry. Of the 6 nominations in the Best Stunt category, 5 nominations are from the TV series Arrow and 4 nominations are for Stunts Canada members. It’s no surprise as Arrow continues to deliver exceptional stunts every week and Stunts Canada is recognised as an organisation with excellent stunt performers and co-ordinators..

Nominations include:

Simon Burnett (Stunts Canada member, Stunt Double: Stephen Amell)
Arrow – “The Scientist”

Simon had the following to say about his nomination:
“I attribute my stunt nomination to being a part of our awesome Arrow Stunt team. My stunt nominated this year belongs in half to our talented riggers Dustin Brooks and Colin Decker.” Source: UBCP/ACTRA website

Atlin Mitchell (Stunts Canada member, Stunt Double: Katie Cassidy, Caity Lotz, Katrina Law, Jessica De Gouw etc)
Arrow – “Heir to the Demon”

Atlin on her nomination:
“I am so excited to be nominated by my fellow stunt performers. Our community is filled with talent and dedication, we are doing amazing things here in Vancouver. I am so proud to be a part of it, and to be recognized for outstanding stunting!”
Source: UBCP/ACTRA website

Leif Havdale (Stunts Canada member, Stunt Driver) ***WINNER*** Congratulations Leif
Arrow – “City of Heroes”

Leif on his nomination:
“I feel honoured to be considered for this award and owe it to the creativity of Arrow, continuing to write and shoot good action.” Source: UBCP/ACTRA website

David Jacox (Stunts Canada member, Stunt Driver)
Arrow – “City of Heroes”

David on his nomination:
“To be nominated for a UBCP/ACTRA stunt award at 50 is pretty cool! I’ll show those young bucks ;)” Source: UBCP/ACTRA website

Melissa Jin (Stunt Double: Summer Glau, Willa Holland)
Arrow – “Streets of Fire”

Melissa on her nomination:
“I really love working on the show I am nominated for. This is all an honour for me as a young performer in this industry.” Source: UBCP/ACTRA website

Also nominated is Maja Aro (Stunt Double: Peyton List)
The Tomorrow People – “Son of Man”

Maja on her nomination:
“I am very excited to be nominated for a UBCP award for best stunt. The sequence of stunts that I performed for this nomination were some of my favorite stunts I’ve done this past year. I feel very fortunate to be hired for such exciting and challenging action sequences, and proud to be part of such an excellent community.” Source: UBCP/ACTRA website

We hope everyone has a lovely night! Go Team Arrow!

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