Oliver Queen, Ra’s al Ghul and the best shirtless sword fight ever

Arrow had it’s mid-season finale tonight leading into the Christmas break and star Stephen Amell told fans that he worked with Stunt Co-ordinator/Fight Co-ordinator James Bamford for a month on the sword fight! A month! If you want to avoid spoilers don’t scroll down!

“Worked with James Bamford on this sword fight for a month.
Matt Nable is just sensational as Ra’s.
Katrina Law!!!
Our first time director Thor Freudental was exceptional.
Just… so proud of everyone involved.Normally I watch an early cut of an episode to see how it came out. Not this time. Haven’t seen a second since we wrapped this puppy back in October. So I’m just as excited as everyone else, IF YOU CAN’T ALREADY TELL.

If you’ve never seen our show and you want to give it a spin, tonight is your night. And if you’ve been with us since October of 2012, this is absolutely our best episode.

(Plus the feels.)

Enjoy. xo

Our Fall Finale.
Oliver Queen vs Ra’s al Ghul.
For Family.
Source: Stephen Amell Facebook

A few reasons why I think Ra’s had the edge on Oliver. I’m confident he’d done his homework and knew exactly how Oliver fought. Perhaps Nyssa gave him some intel. I also wonder whether Ra’s set up the weapons knowing which one Oliver would choose. Lastly, Oliver was fighting with anger, whereas Ra’s al Ghul was very deliberate and composed. He had the upper hand throughout most of the fight.

Congratulations to the amazing Arrow stunt team, especially James Bamford, Stephen Amell and Tim Connolly. Matt Nable is incredible. If you haven’t seen the fight or want to watch a brilliantly choreographed and executed sword fight again – Watch Oliver Queen vs Ra’s al Ghul.

UPDATE: Sorry folks. There was a video uploaded to Youtube by someone else, however the account that uploaded it was terminated due to copyright infringements.

3 thoughts on “Oliver Queen, Ra’s al Ghul and the best shirtless sword fight ever

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    1. Sooooo looking forward to it and the crossover. Unfortunately we’ll get The Flash crossover episode and then have to wait 9 months for the Arrow episode. They are on different networks.

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