More action gold! New Stunt series video

Almost as famous as Stephen Amell uttering “Facebook” is James Bamford’s introduction to the stunt series…

“The action scenes you see on screen are designed and rehearsed by our team of stunt professionals. We use stand-in props and a bit of imagination to help it all come together.”

I love it when he says that.

The most recent addition is the Arrow vs Nyssa vs Malcolm Merlyn fight from The Magician. The video shows three well-matched warriors, skilled with their weapons. The stunt rehearsal includes Simon Burnett (Arrow), Atlin Mitchell (Nyssa) and Jeffrey Robinson (Malcolm). Not only does James describe the intent behind some of the action moves, he also gives some detail to the weapons in their arsenal.

Nyssa – Silk, used by Nyssa to suspend Thea upside-down and to deflect arrows. It was fitting that Sara also used silk, mainly in silk drops to get a drop on her opponent. Nyssa is skilled with a scimitar and Indo-Persian “Chilanum” Daggers.

Arrow uses a cutting arrow to release Thea and fights with a custom Oneida “Kestrel” Compound Recurve Bow.

Anyhoo enough of the chatter… watch the action and share!

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