James Bamford Appreciation Day

To honour James’ Birthday I hereby declare today “James Bamford Appreciation Day”. There’s so many things I appreciate about James.

His talent. He truly does have a gift with fight choreography. I’ve said it before, there’s a reason behind each move he designs and whether it’s an actor or stunt performer they are in safe hands. BamBam also know how to shoot fight sequences. He could easily turn his hand to directing.

He loves his fans. James is on a par with Stephen Amell himself in fan interaction. Whether it’s a reply to a question about the stunts in an episode, some xoxox’s for Follow Friday or to stop and chat or take a selfie on location, James is great with fans. I know over the years he’s answered a bazillion of my questions, given me advice, restaurant recommendations and met with me while I was visiting Vancouver. I appreciate all of the time he has given me.

I encourage others to stop by James’ Twitter page and wish him a Happy Birthday (include some xoxox’s)…. join us at 12noon US/Vancouver Pacific Time as we try to trend “BamBam Is The King Of Stunts”. Trend or not it should be a blast.

Happy Birthday James Bamford! xoxoxoxxxoxoxox

happy birthday bambam

Trend Times:

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