BamBam Behind The Scenes of The Climb: 100% Amell

This is the stunt video fans have all been waiting for since the shocking finale to the Arrow vs Ra’s al Ghul fight in The Climb.

Stunt Co-ordinator/Fight Co-ordinator, James Bamford, explains the fight was entirely shot on location at the top of Grouse Mountain and it was 100% Stephen Amell, no stunt double. That included the final fall, which is incredible work for an actor. But well, it’s Stephen Amell and we’ve come to know him as superhuman.

Ra’s al Ghul’s fight style is efficient with no wasted motion. The swords chosen were Filipino Kris blades that were shorter and allowed closer combat and traps. Kudos to James Bamford, Stephen Amell, Matt Nable, Tim Connolly, Simon Burnett, Thor Freudenthal (Director) and the entire crew for an amazing fight sequence.

If you’re a fan of Arrow and haven’t caught up with the stunt series it’s a must. Check out Arrow vs Ra’s al Ghul below and head to the Arrow page for a compilation of all of the stunt videos.

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