A lot of heart, but no technique

If there’s one character that has created the most debate on Arrow it’s Laurel Lance. Her destiny to become Black Canary was known from the beginning. Fans were thrown a curve ball when her sister, Sara, who was presumed dead, came back wielding a staff and calling herself The Canary.

In the past Laurel had fought for justice in the courtroom. Sara’s death drove Laurel to join the fight on the streets, to clean up Starling City of the criminals they are attempting to take control.

In the latest stunt series Canary/Arsenal team-up, James explains that Laurel fights with a lot of heart but no technique. She swings the nightstick as a baseball bat. Alone she would have been overpowered but backed up by Roy as Arsenal she is effective.

It’s important to remember that if Laurel had walked in with complicated martial arts moves her journey would have been unrealistic. She hasn’t had the training Oliver and Sara have. She needs to learn some painful lessons before she can become the hero.

James describes how he designed the sequence as a one-shot. The choreography and camera work is impressive. I love this fight sequence. Enjoy Canary/Arsenal team-up.

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