Who did Bam Stunt Double? An Arrow Mystery

It’s a busy time for me as I assist my Dad move house, but Arrow Stunt Coordinator/Fight Coordinator, James Bamford, provided a welcome distraction with an Arrow mystery.

A few days ago, James tweeted that he had an amazing day on set in front of the camera in the Arrow episode, The Fallen. Of course, there were many theories. The return of Gunman #2 from the pilot was a popular one. James said no.

Yesterday, James provided the first hint:

Arrow Mystery: Which actor did Bam stunt double?

Here’s a few theories….

John Barrowman

I know from previous tweets that we won’t see James face. What better way to hide than with the League of Assassins/Dark Archer costume.  Malcolm Merlyn has fantastic combat skills, whether it’s bow, sword or staff. So does James. It would be wonderful to see James double The Dark Archer.

Brandon Routh

James was pretty excited by his day of work. What could be cooler than being a superhero aka ATOM?

The main point against this theory is that Ray is in the hospital two weeks earlier. He probably wouldn’t be up to some intense fight scenes.

So what are your thoughts? Did Bam stunt double John, Brandon or maybe a guest star in The Fallen?

Share your theories in the comments or via @ARROWTV_.

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