Brick, beatings and the Batman voice

An added bonus for me with the release of each new stunt rehearsal video is that I get to see stunts that haven’t aired over here in Australia. It really is the coolest.

In the latest stunt video Arrow Stunt Co-ordinator, James ‘BamBam’ Bamford, breaks down the brutal fight between Wildcat and Brick, featuring stunt performer Ryan Handley. Wildcat is a skilled boxer but Daniel Brickwell is mean and can take a punch as well as give one. James explains that 4 jabs and a left hook is nothing to Brick. His viciousness takes over and Ted Grant is no match, leaving fans to wonder his fate.

Pay close attention to James’ narration during this video. He explained to a fan that he was suffering from a heavy cold, the result a very convincing ‘Batman voice’. Hope you’re all better James!

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