It’s only the best promo trailer ever!

There’s only one rule in Superhero Fight Club… there are no rules! If you’re part of the Arrow/The Flash stunt team there’s one more rule “Don’t talk about Superhero Fight Club” ….and they didn’t, for months! The patience of James Bamford astounds me.

This morning the CW released an explosive new promotional trailer, directed by Glen Winter, for the last few episodes of the current seasons of Arrow and The Flash, titled Superhero Fight Club.

Filmed in January down in LA, it features Arrow, The Flash, Black Canary and Arsenal in a cage match against Dark Archer, Captain Cold, Heatwave, Ra’s al Ghul and Reverse Flash.

James explained it was a team effort with collaboration between the stunt teams in Vancouver and LA. The choreography was done by the regular Vancouver stunt team for the shows.

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Awesome to work with this man!

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James was re-united with friend and Stunt Co-ordinator for Mortal Kombat Legacy, Larnell Stovall. James performed an amazing fight scene in Episode 9: Cyrax & Sektor on this web series.

The blend of choreography and visual effects in Superhero Fight Club is mind-blowing and suits each character. The action is fast-paced, with kicks, body slams, punches, weapons, fireballs… anything goes. Interjected with humour, especially Ray Palmer aka The Atom’s tardy entrance at the end, the promo captures the spirit of the shows.

Not only do I keep watching it for the amazing action, but I’m scouring it for Easter Eggs. if you see one, let us all know in the comments.

James followed up the trailer with some incredible behind-the-scenes photos filming the trailer. Here’s a taste but visit his Instagram profile james2bambamford for all the photos.

Arrow and The Flash return this week with all new episodes on The CW (The Flash Tuesday 8PM, Arrow Wednesday 8PM)

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Great setting for a great promo shoot!

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