James Bamford in front of camera… THANK-YOU CW!

Did I go to sleep and wake up on my birthday? Because the CW gifted me with an amazing addition to the stunt series – Arrow/Flash Stunt Series Fight Club.

Arrow Stunt Co-ordinator/Fight Co-ordinator James Bamford takes fans behind the scenes of the promo that had everyone talking. A special treat was seeing James in front of the camera in an interview. I guess that’s what he was doing in Los Angeles last week.

As the promo was being filmed in Los Angeles with different stunt doubles to the usual crew, James filmed his pre-vis stunt rehearsal video on his iPhone in Vancouver and emailed it to Larnell Stovall the US Stunt Co-ordinator to show those learning the fight sequence. Director, Glen Winter had James design some moments suited for slo-mo. These were incredibly effective wow moments in the video.

 Credit goes to all involved James, Larnell Stovall, Glen Winter, Vancouver and LA stunt performers and the actors.

Sit back and enjoy! Be sure to let the CW know we LOOOOOOVE this series! I couldn’t be any more proud of him, I hope they do another.

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