At the end of the day BamBam is always right

What a treat to have BamBam and Katrina Law breakdown the rooftop fight between Al Sah-him and Nyssa al Ghul in Wednesday’s episode.

Katrina discusses the challenge of running forwards, looking sideways and pretending to fire arrows. She admits that James demands a lot of his performers. She might be running as fast as she can and will hear calls to go faster. As Katrina says:

“At the end of the day BamBam is always right”.
Katrina Law – Arrow Stunt Series, Nyssa vs Al Sah-him

Al Sah-him uses his arrows to close the gap between them, as Nyssa fights them off with her sword. The smoke bomb blinds Nyssa temporarily (in fact Katrina says that was her experience on set) and she is fighting at a disadvantage.

Some fans have spoken out about the progression in ability of Oliver and Laurel and their performance in fights with Ra’s, Nyssa and other villains, seeking realism. Arrow is an action-drama show not a documentary. If the show was to track their training realistically and show this over 20 seasons before ever showing them as Martial Arts masters, fans would have tuned out. To further the plot, sometimes writers speed some things up. However the fight sequences are choreographed with a reason to each move. While in general hand to hand combat Nyssa may win, with the surprise smoke bomb Al Sah-Him has enough of an advantage to defeat her.

I really like the addition of the interviews to the stunt series. It was also great to hear Katrina’s insight, although James always provides the best commentary and it’s nice to see him on camera too. Sit back and enjoy: Nyssa vs Al Sah-him.

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