Arrow Stunt Series continues to shine

The Arrow Stunt series has been so warmly received by fans and I’ve really appreciated the increase in videos shared in Season 3, compared to Season 2. The final two videos have been uploaded, both with interviews with Fight Designer James Bamford.

Team Arrow vs The League

James explains for all the trivia buffs that the Team Arrow fight in Nanda Parbat was filmed in Minaty Bay (North of Vancouver). They envisaged that the scene of the army charging would be from Felicity’s point of view and James narrates the unused choreography from the rehearsal, showing Felicity bump into each hero and trying to avoid being hurt. The camera was then supposed to traverse a 360 showing our heroes in a heroic pose. Not sure the reason for the change, but it was an entertaining fight nonetheless….oh side note: Watch James self-edit from dropping the f-bomb when talking about the script direction for Canary.

The iconic Katana (Tatsu)/Maseo fight was designed to use mostly traditional Japanese style sword work, apart from a couple of times where Katana is one handed and illustrates some Chinese style movement – certainly worth re-watching!

Arrow vs Ra’s: The Final Battle

The final fight is also worth watching several times to take it all in. Traditionally shot on the final day, Oliver purposefully selects the sword that almost ended his life in the earlier episode The Climb, still covered in his blood. This surprised and perhaps disappointed Ra’s who felt Oliver should have learned from his prior mistakes. The duel, watched on by Starling City’s police, incorporated the same moves as the battle in The Climb, with the blade catch, throat strike, cut to the side, elbow and finish, only this time it was Oliver performing them.

Oliver seemed more thoughtful with his moves and had studied Ra’s fighting style and strategy. So what was Ra’s undoing? He underestimated Oliver, pure and simple. I won’t spoil the fight if you haven’t seen it. So watch and enjoy.

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