El Salvador vs OceanaGold…. please read

A few months ago I wrote an article about El Salvador vs mining company OceanaGold. James’ wife Layla is from El Salvador. That’s why it came to my attention and why I’m writing here, but it’s more than that. Everyone has the right to clean, fresh water and every country has the right to decide what is done to their land.

SumofUs have an update and I’d like to urge every Arrow fan, every visitor to this website to sign the petition and tell The World Bank to dismiss OceanaGold’s $301 million lawsuit and tell them to get the f*&# out of El Salvador.

Sign the petition telling the World Bank to throw out OceanaGold’s case!

It is a matter of some urgency. Thanks for reading.

From SumofUs:

In just a few weeks, a World Bank tribunal could decide whether the tiny Central American nation of El Salvador will have to dish out millions to a Canadian-Australian mining giant — just for rejecting a destructive gold mine.

OceanaGold is suing El Salvador for a whopping $301 million under investor laws that allow corporations to shamelessly sue countries. El Salvador has the right to reject the mine to protect its water and people — 90% of the country’s water is contaminated already, and OceanaGold’s mine would ruin its last remaining sources of clean water.

With a decision coming any day, now is the time to pile on the pressure. Let’s raise an outcry the World Bank can’t ignore, and convince it to throw out this deeply unpopular case.

Sign the petition telling the World Bank to throw out OceanaGold’s case!

Allowing OceanaGold to go ahead with the mine could be disastrous. It would pollute El Salvador’s last bit of clean water, something the country has been fighting tooth and nail to protect after decades of reckless industrial activity. Without clean drinking water, Salvadorians will be at risk of waterborne illness and food shortages.

Stopping OceanaGold is not just about helping El Salvador. If OceanaGold gets its way it could set a dangerous precedent, making it easier for companies to sue countries when their laws or policies hurt profits.

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