Congratulations! James Bamford to direct Arrow 407

James Bamford and Michael Jai WhiteThe most AMAZING news broke early this morning via Arrow star Stephen Amell that Arrow Fight Co-ordinator, James Bamford, will be making his directorial debut on Episode 407 of Arrow.

James has previously directed action scenes on 2nd Unit on Stargate Atlantis and Jeremiah, as well as directing his introduction piece for the Leo Awards in 2012, Late for the Leos and the Arrow Stunt Series pre-vis videos. It is clear watching these pieces that James has an eye for directing action. He knows the best camera angles and his pre-vis videos have been extremely beneficial for directors.

All of BamBam’s fans wish him the very best. I already know it will be my favourite episode of television ever. I could not BE more proud of James… Yes, yes that was my Chandler Bing impersonation. Way to go BamBam! Thanks to Marc Guggenheim, AJ Kreisberg, Greg Berlanti and a very big thank-you to the awesome JJ Makaro who brought James onto Arrow.

Some of the congratulatory messages coming in. Be sure to drop by his Twitter and congratulate James yourself:

The last word from James:

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