Emmys you have failed this planet

it’s 4am and the Emmy nominations have just been announced. Congratulations to all nominees. But here’s the thing, for the third year in a row Arrow has not been recognised in a category that it should simply own – Stunt Co-ordination. The Emmys have yet again failed this planet.


Arrow is recognised for its original, exciting, technically brilliant stunts by martial artists, fans, journalists and other members of the stunt community. The Cllmb was an incredible episode with a perfect mix of intelligent fight choreography, visual effects, direction and performances. It should be there!

I once had a US stunt performer tell me James was well-respected in the LA stunt community where they just complain about all the work going up North. I think it’s  a combination of this attitude,  the network perception and the genre for the continuing snub. Award shows are political and its probably naive to think it’s about talent.

Well I’d like to award James Bamford, JJ Makaro, Eli Zagoudakis, Simon Burnett, Atlin Mitchell, Curtis Braconnier, Colin Decker and the Arrow stunt team the Arrow Fan Award for Outstanding Stunts in a TV Series and James Bamford an award for Outstanding Fight Choreography in a TV series. Congratulations!

For those wondering, the nominees for Outstanding Stunt Co-ordination for a Dramatic Series are: 

The Blacklist – Cort L Hessler III  – NBC

Boardwalk Empire – Christopher Place – HBO

Game of Thrones – Rowley Irlam – HBO

Sons of Anarchy – Eric Norris – FX

The Walking Dead – Monty Simons – AMC

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