James Bamford discusses Arrow deleted stunts

I could never be a Fight Co-ordinator like James Bamford. Apart from the fact that I’ve never even been in a fist fight or studied martial arts, I would get way too attached to fight sequences I designed and it would hurt if they had to be cut for time or script changes.

Not so James Bamford. In the latest from the stunt series, he walks fans through some of Arrow Season 3 deleted stunt scenes and why they were cut.

Have you got a favourite? I would have loved to have seen Laurel and Nyssa sparring. Viewers saw Laurel get fairly beaten up in fights, gradually progressing in her technique throughout the season. Whilst I understand that it wasn’t necessary to see the sparring to further the plot, and it was cut for time, it would have added to the season and emphasised the bond developing between Nyssa and Laurel. 

I must say Arsenal tricking looked pretty damn cool. I wish they could have kept some of it.

The oner (one long continuous camera shot) surprised me because I could have sworn I’d seen it previously – very impressive. I hope they continue experimenting with different ways to shoot the action. While tough to shoot, I love the flow of these shots.

The Arrow Bluray/DVD will be released 22nd September 2015. In addition to deleted scenes the DVD will explore the costumes, constructing Nanda Parbat, a gag reel and many other features.

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