Bam’s Victoria visit mentioned in the Times Colonist

From the Times Colonist (a newspaper in Victoria, British Columbia):

“Contrary to online rumours, however, Stephen Amell was not in town this month to shoot Season 4 footage for the CW series The Arrow, which features Hatley Castle as Queen Mansion.

Bonnie Nelson, director of campus services, said there has been no Arrow filming at Hatley Castle “beyond the original production in 2012,” and no future shoots of which she was aware.

Amell, who plays Oliver Queen, the billionaire businessman who moonlights as a superhero, was here, but for a private visit.

It’s no wonder the Arrow shoot rumours started. Its Facebook-friendly star posted a video of himself Aug. 8 on the legislature lawn with James Bamford, The Arrow’s Victoria-born stunt and fight co-ordinator.

“This could all go horribly wrong,” joked Amell, who, just for fun, wanted to see if any of the tens of thousands of fans watching him in real time would drop by and say hello.

Bamford, who Amell revealed would also direct episode 407, reminisced about the Undersea Gardens and and former Royal London Wax Museum, lamenting the extinction of these “Victoria institutions.”

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