BamBam LOVES the Group Card & Lord Mesa rocks it again

What an amazing day… I’d been spending the day sick in bed with a cold when a couple of tweets turned my day around. I’d organised a Group Card for fans to sign to wish him well for his directorial debut in the next episode. James tweeted me to let me know he’d seen it and loves it:

// day got even better. An Arrow special occasion is not the same without a tribute by the amazingly talented Lord Mesa. It was perfect!


James loved it:


I’d like that thank Lord Mesa for taking the time in his busy day to make this tribute to James. I’d also like to thank every person who left a message on the group card and shared it with their friends. It meant the world to James… but it also meant the world to me.

There’s still time to Sign the Group Card. I’ll be forwarding it to James on the 21st September. You don’t need to join, just click the “Click Here to Sign the Card” button and add your message.

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