BamBam on the evolution of Thea as a fighter

A group of journalists recently visited the Arrow set, armed with questions about the 4th season of the hit show, the arc of this year’s “Big Bad” Damien Darhk and other new characters, as well as the 4th season stunts.

Willa Holland as Speedy

Stunt/Fight Co-ordinator James Bamford spoke to Collider about the evolution of Thea’s fighting style, how he approaches fight choreography as well as his experience directing Brotherhood, the 7th episode of the season. Here’s a quote:

Bamford also talked about the evolution of Thea as a fighter, and the specifics of her fight sequences, like making them short and fast (to go with her being Speedy), and also giving her more kicks rather than punches because of her size — she can do more damage that way

‘Arrow’ Cast Talks Damien Darhk, Crossovers, Relationship Shake-Ups, More

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