James Bamford, Heroes & Villains & Neal McDonough freaking rule!!

What a day… I travelled to San Jose for the Heroes & Villains Fanfest, met up with some Twitter friends and made some new ones… Oh and I caught up with Arrow Stunt Co-ordinator/Fight Co-ordinator/Director James Bamford.

Stunt demo/ Q&A

James’ panel included a stunt demo featuring David Ramsey, Caity Lotz, stunt performers Curtis Braconnier and Mike Lewinson, and two fans. James choreographed an entertaining fight sequence on stage with a bonus – the hilarious commentary that gave fans a view into life on set with him.

What happened during the Q&A still blows me away – James gave me his own Arrow Season 3 stunt hoodie. It’s my new favourite item in my wardrobe and even though I was sweltering I didn’t want to take it off.


David Ramsey shared some incredible news…. James Bamford will be directing another episode of Arrow! It’s not surprising as Brotherhood is currently the highest rated episode in Season 4. Congratulations James!

Nocking Point party

Festivities continued at the Nocking Point party where Neal McDonough (Damien Darhk) blew everyone away on harmonica with the band, Brother Sal. That guy is so insanely talented.


Thanks to the incredible Heroes & Villains staff, especially James’ handler, Wick, who succeeded in meeting every request and the staff in the photo op area who kindly arranged for James to be in the Arrow cast photo with me as a one-off.

The fun will continue tomorrow …if you’re going to the convention be sure to stop by BamBam’s booth to chat or get an autograph or selfie.

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