Stunt demo at Heroes & Villains Fan Fest

james bamford at heroes and villainsI’m finally back from an amazing week in the US and I’ve been gathering some photos and videos from James’ stunt demo at the convention, which was certainly a highlight for many fans.

James introduced fans to fight choreography with the help of David Ramsey (John Diggle), Caity Lotz (Canary), Curtis Braconnier (Arsenal stunt double), Mike Lewinson (Diggle stunt double) and fans from the audience – Abbey and Justin.

Full Stunt Demo & Q&A

James explained the techniques and provided a witty commentary of the demo. Who can forget “Abby’s making shit up” or Bam telling Caity not to freestyle? Let’s hope James is invited back for more conventions.

A short Q&A followed where I was able to ask James about the challenges of directing Brotherhood. He talked about the difficulties getting the elevator door to close and open during the Thea/Andy oner. Sixteen takes were needed and all were exhausted by the end, but wow that scene was brilliant!

james bamford and david ramsey

Before I got the chance to ask my question though James had a little surprise for me. He called me up on stage and presented me with his Arrow Stunt Department Season 3 hoodie – the one with Wildcat Gym on the back. I’m thrilled with it! Thanks James.


james bamford, david ramsey and caity lotzjames bamford

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