Master of ass kickery at work

I wish I could explain how thrilling it is to see James Bamford in his element, on set directing the most kickass Arrow fight sequence to date. His passion for his work leaps off the screen.

In the latest episode of the Stunt Series “Bam Bam’s Ballet of Death” Director, James Bamford and Fight Designer, Curtis Braconnier describe the series of oners (one camera, one shot from beginning to end with no edits) that make up the “Ballet of Death” with Canary, Speedy, Green Arrow & Diggle all having time to shine.

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 1.01.19 pm

Curtis describes the change in fighting style through the hallway and into the elevator where Speedy has no room to use the bow. In addition Curtis shares that Speedy’s double, Melissa Jin, spent 28 hours in rehearsal for the fights.

Meanwhile, Green Arrow is fighting endless amounts of ghosts, until he’s joined by the ATOM. I particularly liked the hug between BamBam and Stephen at the end… someone please gif that.

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 12.58.34 pm

The episode was truly a collaborative effort between Director, crew, stunt performers and cast and it shows on screen. From Curtis, “The action that we have is bigger than ever…. with the guidance he’s given us, it’s been no problem”.

Final word to BamBam – “We’ve had a lot of obstacles to overcome and we’ve kicked all their asses…. I’m very proud of our crew and our cast and our stunt team… our Producers, everybody’s had my back since day one.”


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